About us

Writers working for writers

The Idaho Writers Guild offers networking, employment and educational opportunities as diverse as the writers who join it.  In addition to serving as a networking resource for writers wishing to become actively involved in the writing community, the IWG plans and develops programs to aid writers.

Members are eligible to submit work for publication in IWG publications and receive discounts to IWG workshops, events and other activities, an online newsletter, access to our website and Facebook listings. Join us!

Your board

The Guild is run by a seven-member Board, elected annually by the membership. Serving on our current board are:

Doug Copsey – President


Elaine Ambrose – Marketing, Events






Joanne Pence –  Membership, Registrations, and Job Postings







Sherry Briscoe – Contests, Rendezvous Newsletter







Merilee Marsh – Marketing and Literary Luncheon






Christy Hovey – Social Media Marketing, Website, Calendar, Email Blasts, Newsletter

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Gretchen Mullins – Accounting and Registrations

Bruce DeLaney – Consulting Member

Please contact us with any questions you may have.