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Critique Groups for IWG MEMBERS

Critique groups offer an opportunity for small groups to get together and give each other regular feedback on writing, to develop writing skills, and to enhance motivation to write consistently.

If you would like to be in a group, email

The critique groups require active participation, and a strict format is followed for maximum results. Meetings take place every other week during the week, and on Saturdays. You must commit to reading two to three pieces of up to 5k words a session. Sessions last 120 minutes and are held in libraries around the Treasure Valley.

Together – we all become better!

Trying to start your Writing Habit

Let’s face it, writing can sometimes feel like a chore, and as much as we may love the final results, the initial start can all but stall the best of us.   As writers we all know that writing requires daily devotion. Like a child, it needs lots of care and attention. Even if it is just a few paragraphs or a couple of sentences that are recklessly erased or inked out later, a writer should devote a block of time each day for this purpose.  If you are looking for inspiration, check out Each day this website lists a different prompt and will help encourage that healthy writing habit.

Got rejection fatigue?

Brighten up!  Rejection is a necessary evil in the writing industry, a rite of passage of sorts, and those who persist not only gain to improve their craft but may find out something even greater than an acceptance letter.  They may discover insights into their own soul.  Joy Harjo, the Native American poet, says:

You can use rejection to put you in a funk and stop you from writing, or you can crumple it up and use it to build your fire in the evening when you write.

Enjoy the warmth!

Writing Tip from Writer’s Digest: Beware! Run-on Sentences

Tip of the Day from

Beware: Run-On Sentences! Source: Elements of Effective Writing II: Form and Composition Workshop

Run-on sentences are independent clauses that have not been joined correctly. If two independent clauses appear in one sentence, they must be joined either with a comma and coordinating conjunction or with a semicolon (and on rare occasions with a colon or dash). Continue reading

Attention Idaho Writers!

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