The collection: Writings

Excerpts and short pieces from member authors.

I Dare You – Kristen Lynch

“You’re such a liar!” Nick yelled.

“Go, ahead, then.” Avery answered, his voice muffled through his mask.  “I dare you.  Go in there and wave from the bedroom window.”

The two boys stared at the abandoned home.  They were supposed to be trick-or-treating.  Not breaking and entering.  Nick chewed his lip with his vampire teeth.  This is so stupid, he thought. Continue reading

Good Deed by Nancy D. Oppenheimer

The men burned tumbleweed in the upper field. Jerry and I saw tumbleweed in the barn corral. We wanted to help the men. We ran down to the ranch house basement where supplies were kept for sheep camps. We searched through boxes of canned vegetables, fruit, slabs of bacon and ration-bought sugar and flour.  It was 1941. Continue reading